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How would you update the way your organization handles managing web site changes? What and how would you apply what you learned from developing your web site for the individual assignments in your work environment? Looking at other student responses on their organization’s way of maintaining the development of a site, what do you find is effective to suggest to use within your own organization?


When designing a website it is always best to host your own images for your web design. Many people link their images from other websites, therefore, if the site you link from goes down or shuts down you no longer have your images. Be careful how many images you include in a webpage as well, as the more images you include the longer the site takes to load. Therefore, what are some best practices for managing files on a website, and does organization in the back end of a website help more in load time or more in simply designer organization?


What might it cost to setup a CDN, and what would you say would be the limit of what you would accept before adopting it? Let’s assume you are the Chief Information Officer for a 500 person company (maybe someday right?). This might give you a head start but you have to guess at what rate you will get hits. http://www.fastly.com/pricing.



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