representing data computer



Work the following problems:

a. Convert 8EF16 to Binary and Decimal

b. Convert 1016 to Binary and Decimal

c. Find the word-length 2’s complement representation of each of the following decimal numbers:

i. 845

ii. 15000

iii. 100

iv. -923

d. Each of these 8-bit bytes can be interpreted as either a 2’s complement number or an unsigned number. Find the decimal integer that corresponds to the each interpretation.

i. 7C

ii. FF

iii. 3E

e. Perform the following operations:

i. 1B48 + 39E1

ii. EBBC – 9E58

f. Express the decimal number -43 as a word-length 1’s complement number

g. Use BCD to encode the decimal number 17195 in 4 bytes. Express the answer in hex digits, grouped two per byte.


Show all work!

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