reflection paper 165

After I have graded your first Application Assignment, you will be required to complete a reflection on the first assignment BEFORE I will allow you to submit your second Application Assignment. This reflection should be approximately 1-2 pages and include two items: 1) Based on my feedback in the Comments section of the assignment on Canvas AND my feedback in the attached copy of your assignment, explain what you will need to correct or improve on future Application Assignments. 2) Explain what you learned about rhetoric and rhetorical criticism that you did not understand before doing this assignment and any unanswered questions you have about rhetoric and/or rhetorical criticism.


this is the comment the teacher send me:

There were some really terrific points with good analysis and support from the speech. At the same time, there were points that were missing or that needed clarification. For example, you were missing both a clear methods section and the final section required of the assignment.

Please know that there is a lot of feedback in the attached copy of your paper. Please take them as they are intended: to help you improve on your next paper. See attached copy of your paper for my specific feedback. Use these comments and those in the attached copy in order to write your reflection on this assignment. It must be completed before I will accept your next application assignment.

Please write the paper and all the comment on it and write the reflection paper

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