please tell me how did you do it for those questions except converting question thanks

  • Convert 2 cubic kilometers to cubic meters.
  • Convert 10,000 seconds to days.
  • Convert 25 cubic feet per minute to cubic meters per second.
  • A pond has a volume of 500 cubic meters. The flow of water out of the pond is 0.1 cubic meters per second. For each of the following scenarios, state whether the amount of water in the pond is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same (steady state): (a) the total flow in is 0.2 cubic meters per second; (b) the total flow in is 0.1 cubic meters per second, and (c) the total flow in is 0.05 cubic meters per second.
  • Consider the same pond as in question 1. If the pond’s volume is at steady state, what is the average residence time if the total flow in is: (a) 0.01 cubic meters per second, (b) 0.06 cubic meters per second, and (c) 0.2 cubic meters per second?
  • If a system is at steady state, and the flow in decreases, what happens to the average residence time?

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