please do paraphrases for those questions

I attached a file which I need paraphrases for the answering. Also there are two questions do not include in the file, so you will see the pictures have the answering for questions number four and seven. I provide to you the questions and the answers for those questions make a reasonable answer or just get the main idea or summarize the idea that for questions 4 and 7

question number four : See the “Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.” case for this question.

In your opinion, did the apparent mistakes made by the PwC auditors in auditing Take-Two’s receivables and reserve for sales returns involve “negligence” on their part? Would you characterize the mistakes or errors as “reckless” or “fraudulent”? Justify your answers.

question number seventh: See the “Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.” case for this question.

Should audit firms accept “ethically challenged” companies and organizations as audit clients? Defend your answer.

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