Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet


Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet

222   4

1. 86Rn ———> ________ + 2He

234  4

2. ______ ———> 90Th + 2He


230   226

3. 90Th ———> 88Ra + ______


214  0

4. 82Pb ———> ______+ -1e


234   234

5. 92U ———> 93Np + _______


6. Write a balanced nuclear equation for the Beta decay of:

a. Nitrogen-16

b. Potassium-40


7. Write a balanced nuclear equation for the Alpha decay of:

a. Plutonium-244

b. Strontium-90


8. Write the balanced nuclear equations for the Beta, Alpha, and Gamma

decay of Radium-226.


9. How are the mass number and atomic number of the nucleus affected by

the loss of the following?

a. beta particle

b. alpha particle

c. gamma particle

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