notions of standardization

In 1000 words, you will discuss the extent to which notions of standardization (test scores, exams, majors and minors, specific time of degree completion, etc.) come to impose on the individual’s overall experience with higher education. Do mistakes slow down progress? Do mistakes signify the fact we are off-track, at risk of entering the zone of failure? In today’s higher education where academic excellence is measured by GPAs and quantifiable objectives, personal character, and unique learning traits—because they are difficult to assess—tend to be pushed to the wayside. In this essay, you will also write about the personal decisions made by Tenille Warren and Will Hunting that speak to the strengths and weaknesses of today’s understandings and structures of higher education? Rather than summarizng their life stories, however, your essay should build your original ideas about higher education upon Tenille or Will’s personal experiences. Where possible, you should also connect your analysis to broader and more philosophic understandings of learning. For example, how fair—or unfair—it is to create a learning environment and curriculum based on “objective” views on education that make sense to those who are already standardized, to begin with while ignoring entrenched and cyclical challenges that face other student types? What alternatives are there to promote student development and academic excellence? What happens, when we replace labels such as “student,” “teacher,” “administration,” “core objectives” “and extra-curricular activities” with some others that highlight the interconnectedness (and not divisions) of learning and learning units? Feel free to address one of these questions or formulate your own. Please find the argument from the above information.

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