new hire acceptance letter 5

You are the Hiring Manager for a company that has selected a candidate for its open Maintenance Technician/Janitor position. As Hiring Manager, it is your job to send out a new hire acceptance letter to the candidate.

Review the following three resumes.

Identify the candidate you would like to hire for the position of maintenance technician/janitor.

Justify your selection based on the attached candidate resumes, job description, and interview. (I cant share the interview video, but I attached the transcript and highlighted each person’s input in different colors. I can tell you that Rose was the better interviewee. Joe kept looking at his phone. Jan seemed too intense, as though she wasn’t really genuine.)

Create a 525- to 700-word new hire acceptance letter to send to the candidate of your choice.

Outline the following in your letter:

  • Introduction/welcome
  • Title, annualized pay, start date, and time
  • Working hours
  • Benefits summary and start dates of benefits
  • Time off
  • At-will statement
  • Closing
  • Signature line for new hire

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