marketing hw ios case

Read pages 6 though 9 and answer this question.( I HAVE ATTACHED THE FILE)

Has to be one page long.


1. The following are the prices paid for the American television broadcasting rights of the summer Olympics since 1980: Moscow—NBC agreed to pay $85 million; 1984 in Los Angeles—ABC paid $225 million; 1988 in Seoul—NBC

paid $300 million; 1992 in Barcelona—NBC paid $401 million; 1996 through 2008—NBC will pay $3.6 billion; 2010—NBC paid $820 million; 2012 in London—NBC will pay $1.18 billion for its American broadcast rights. Assume you have been charged with the responsibility of determin- ing the IOC and local Olympic Committee’s asking prices for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 television broadcast rights for five different markets: Japan, China, Australia, the European Union, and Brazil. Determine a price for each, and justify your decisions. 

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