management2 1


1.     Does a leader have to be tough?  Please explain your answer.



2.     What Physical Traits make a successful Leader?  Explain your answer.



3.     What are the key elements or concepts of Situational Leadership Theory?




4.     Explain Path Goal Theory?  



5.      When we discuss a “Transparent” manager what  does this mean?  Is it a good or bad trait?



6.     Are leadership skills any different in a Virtual team than in a team that meets face to face with the leader?



7.     What is the difference between Leadership and Management?   



8.     Develop a List of the traits that you believe are important for good leaders.  Identify and compare them to the traits that you have demonstrated in this class.




9.     Explain Servant Leadership theory.   Would this fit in every culture?  If not why? 



10.   In the Political arena we see leaders frequently “Spin” or misrepresent information to create a favorable image.  Is this Ethical?  Are Ethics really that important? 

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