justice system essay

I do not want you to do last assignment, I want you to do this one. Off of the Essay that you revised.


For this assignment, write a minimum of 4 paragraphs (each paragraph should have 6-8 sentences) explaining your strategy for completing your final draft based on what you have learned throughout the course and the feedback you have received in intellipath and from your instructor.

Be sure to cover the following:

  • Paragraph 1
    • Discuss the feedback you specifically received on your Phase 3 Draft from your instructor (e.g., grammar issues, incomplete thoughts, additional work to your thesis, and so on).
    • This can be found in the Comments section of the grade book.
  • Paragraph 2
    • Explain how you will adjust your draft based on that feedback. What will you add to your essay to improve it?
  • Paragraph 3
    • Discuss the areas in which you have had success in intellipath as well as specific topics you have struggled with throughout the session.
  • Paragraph 4
    • Explain how you can use your strengths within intellipath to create a polished final draft.



    • Instructor Comments:  Dalonda, Includes an introduction with a specific thesis statement 25 Includes a minimum of 2 separate paragraphs to support thesis 45 Develops body paragraphs with specific details and support 1 Uses topic sentences for each body paragraph that connects to thesis 20 Includes a paragraph that discusses the counterargument 25 Includes a conclusion that summarizes the main idea of the essay 20 Uses 2–4 references to support argument 15 Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively 10 Uses APA style to format essay and cite sources 10 Total 180 Discussion is adequately structured, and student chose a significant topic to address. Student is also finding an articulate writing voice while moving toward organizing conversations in a professional manner. Things on which to work: 1. Paper needs a clear declarative thesis claim at end of intro paragraph. 2. Paragraphs should close with writer’s own thought, not quotes and paraphrases from others. 3. Sentence-level errors need to be avoided, to include comma splices. 4. Avoiding empty, sweeping, or unsupported overstatements and generalizations in serious professional and academic writing. 5. Finding greater analytical focus. 6. Discussion needs clear concession movement per the terms of the assignment. In all, solid effort. Best, Eric

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