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Discussion Board Questions For BCJ 2002 Unit V

This is what my classmate wrote and I have to comment on it

I do agree with incarcerating offenders with mental illness. Obviously I would want mental health services and rehabilitation provided for each subject. I do understand this is not a popular side of the fence to be on. I, by no means believe I have better solutions. I base my views off of my experiences in my profession. I do not think violent offenders should be set free and the safety of the public put at risk. I do understand the heartbreak of mental illness and how it has affected my family personally. My first cousin, whom I was raised with, suffers from mental illness. He is also a criminal and has committed some very violent crimes since returning for 2 tours in Iraq. Despite knowing the quality of person he was and was raised to be, his outstanding service to our country, and the love I have for him, I would not want him walking free or bound to show up periodically to a treatment center. I know, based on prior behavior, that he may not show up for his counseling, check in, or therapy. When he is not accounted for, someones life may be at risk.

I absolutely understand why points of view vary so greatly on this issue. I just don’t believe the safety of the public should be placed at risk because a person has a medical diagnosis.

The key word to my point of view is “violence”. If a offender has a mental illness but only commits petit thefts, obviously I dont believe they should be incarcerated for that.

Discussion Board Question BCJ 2002 VI

For those inmates who expect to serve their time and get out of prison often find themselves right back in prison and potentially becoming what is commonly referred to as the career criminal. What can the Corrections System do to improve the convict’s chances of being successful outside of prison and avoid returning? How do Corrections measure the success of their efforts?



For this assignment, you will identify and discuss reentry.

Please include the following in your essay:

  • Define reentry, and discuss its importance.
  • Identify and discuss at least two reentry goals (e.g., employment, housing, education, child care).
  • Identify and describe at least two agencies that will be utilized to meet these goals. A good starting point to identify agencies is the Council of State Governments Justice Center at https://csgjusticecenter.org/reentry/reentry-servi…

Your response should be at least one full page in length and should utilize APA format. You are required to include at least one resource, which should be properly cited in-text and on the reference page.

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