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You will soon begin work on your marketing plan. Here is a video to help you better understand some of the information that will be part of your plan.

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Marketing Plan: How to Get Started

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How does the information contained in the video relate to some of the parts of the plan that you are required to complete? Remember your post should be 200-250 words and you must respond to TWO of your peers’ post using a minimum of 50 words for each peer response. Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Do not use texting format.


Students 1/Throughout the video, the speaker introduced what a marketing plan is. Doing so, she then explains and breaks down each part of a marketing plan in order for it to be successful. She first talked about service features with the questions: “What do you do?”, “For whom?”, “How often?”, “When do I offer the service?”, “Location of the service?”, and “How does someone order my service?”. These questions are the questions that my group and I will have to answer in order to start our marketing plan. In the course syllabus it explains everything needed in our marketing plan. We’ll have to explain our goals of the plan and in the video the speaker explained the process of finding information about our product and the consumer. As in our syllabus it asks to state our objectives of our product. Same as in the video, the speaker asks what is the purpose of the product and why should the consumer care about it for the benefits portion of the marketing plan. This video helps connect our project because the speaker explains each segment required in our marketing plan project. In addition, the speaker mentioned that there has to be a structure in a marketing plan. The structure includes intro (purpose), one idea per paragraph, and conclusion (call to action), this will help when it’s time to summarize our plan and it helps gather our thoughts smoothly, so that we know exactly what our purpose is.


Students 2/This video explains what a marketing plan should include. Some of the information is similar to what is required in our marketing plan. It is important to describe your product or service. The location of your business or base of operations, target market or customer profile; more specifically personality, behavior, and the daily duties of your customers, and the features of your product or service. Describing the benefits will also help your product or service sell because consumers are interested in knowing what they are getting if they invest in your business. The benefits will help them determine if they should invest in it or not. One needs to identify the competitive advantage over another company or product. The competitive advantage shows customers how your product or service is better/different than your competitors, it is valuable to include this because consumers would make an easy decision of who’s product or service to purchase if one’s product is significantly better than the other. If your marketing plan includes all this information then your products or service will have a greater chance of selling and you will become more familiar with your customers and will be easier to provide products or services that you know they will need and purchase.

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