discussion for ethics corporate social responsibility and law class 1

Hello, my class name is Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and Law.

I just have a discussion that need you to help me.

Instructions: From the 7 questions below, please choose 3 questions to answer completely.

  1. What are the various forms of discrimination? Distinguish between intentional, unintentional, individual and institutional.
  2. Discuss the utility, rights and justice arguments against discrimination.
  3. Read “Driving for Old Dominion” and answer case questions
  4. What is affirmative action/ Discuss the compensation arguments for affirmative action.
  5. How do you view the arguments opposing affirmative action?
  6. Read “Walmart’s Women” and answer the case questions.
  7. What is insider trading? Relate this to the Martha Stewart case.

The format that I need is Question 1:

Answer 1:

Question 2:

Answer 2:

Please do it carefully and give it to me on time. Thank you~

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