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Discussion: Graphic novels, a story, and Literary Theory

ASSIGNMENT: Write two paragraphs in which you tell us about what you will do for essay #2 and apply an idea you got from one of this week’s websites to the readings.

In the first paragraph, respond: What short story (“The Moths,” “Story of an Hour,” or “One of These Days”) will you write about alongside your graphic novel? Why choose that story? What is interesting or compelling about it to you? Why do you think it is a good fit to go with your graphic novel?

In your second paragraph, apply your chosen literary lens to a scene from the graphic novel or your story. Briefly describe the scene for unfamiliar readers, using a well-integrated quotation. Then, apply concepts from your literary lens to it, analyzing the scene from that perspective.

EXAMPLE SECOND PARAGRAPH on psychoanalysis and “The Moths” (notice the student has done research and integrates her source well):

The young narrator found an escape in the company of her grandmother who allowed her to be herself. Her grandmother was wise and assertive, and time spent with her filled the young girl with determination and attentiveness. Thomas T. Lawson did an extensive examination of Jung’s work in “Carl Jung, Darwin of the Mind.” Lawson came to an understanding that “In youth, one must get beyond the childish urge to remain unconscious and to live in the indulgence of the instincts” (Lawson 134). In “The Moths” we can observe that the narrator’s mentality changes when she spends time with her grandmother. She finds herself using her flaws as advantages as she crushed the ingredients for the salsa “Until they turned to liquid under [her] bull hand” (Viramontes 35). By learning to use her repressed anger and insecurities as a tool, the narrator was able to become a mature young girl. We can appreciate the change the moment she starts taking responsibility of her grandmother when she got sick and later when she died. When she had the opportunity to care for her grandmother, she was able to reflect her behavior and improve her personality.

Short stories,




Literary theory, https://www.iep.utm.edu/literary/

Marxist Literary Theory: A Fun Graphic with cool visual examples (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Feminist Theory: Feminist Read of Harry Potter: There will be some lucid moments here that might help you see how academics write feminist criticism:

Feminist Theory: Short Feminist “reads” of The Great Gatsby

Historical/New Historicism: a short resource

Psychoanalysis/Psychology: a Psychoanalytic “Reading” of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

Psychoanalysis/Psychology: Carl Jung’s main ideas

Psychoanalysis/Psychology: Sigmund Freud’s major theories

Graphic Novel: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic ATTACHED

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