discussion 1200

Read the 3 case examples below. For each example, post the following to the Group Discussion Board by Friday:

  1. (1) What area of the nervous system you believe is involved. If the answer includes a region of the brain, please include whether the damage is localized to the left or right side. Also, if the answer includes the cerebrum (or “cerebral cortex”), please include which specific lobe of the brain is involved.
  2. (2) A brief statement of the rationale for your answer.

Case Example 1

A patient comes to the emergency room because she is unable to feel anything touch the right side of her body.

Case Example 2

A patient visits his doctor, because he is having increasing difficulty in controlling his emotions and sensations of hunger. He often feels afraid during the day, although there is nothing dangerous or scary happening, and he is sometimes feeling very aggressive for no apparent reason.

Case Example 3

A patient has a stroke (bleeding in an area of the brain) – after the stroke, she is unable to see things that are toward the left of her body, even though her eyes both seem to be working fine.

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