database question 4

Given the information below, create the fully labeled Crow’s Foot ERD using a specialization hierarchy where appropriate (use Visio). The ERD must contain all primary keys, foreign keys, and main attributes. Business rules are defined as follows:

  • At a hospital, each patient is classified as either a resident patient or an outpatient. All patients have common attributes – ID, first and last name, and diagnosis – and unique attributes that are specific to their groups. The list of such attributes includes but is not limited to the following: a summary of the treatment received in the hospital (resident patients) and the checkback date (outpatients).
  • In addition, resident patients are classified as patients who need a routine check up, patients who need a surgery, patients who need both a check up and a surgery. Each group is characterized by unique attributes (for instance, a surgery date, etc.).
  • Each patient creates a record in the HOURS table that keeps track of the total number of hours a patient spent in the hospital. The table also includes the “COMMENT” field where any additional information may be recorded. One record is related to one patient only.

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