critique a research article attach article with paper

Critique article using following questions:

What was the purpose of this study?

How was the study conducted? (Who were the subjects? What did the subjects do?)

What was found in the study?

What are the limitations of the study?

Did the author(s) acknowledge the limitations of the study?

Did the results and discussion seem consistent? Explain.

What implications do the study’s findings have for us?

If you were conducting research in this area, what would be the next study you would conduct based on the outcome of this study? That is, where do we go from here?

Remember the following about doing a critique of this study:

I have already read the article, so don’t spend as much time summarizing the article as you do critiquing it.

In your critique, don’t just focus on the negative aspects of the study. Rather, try to present a balanced view of the study’s strengths and limitations.

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