Chemistry post-Lab

1) If the buret had been wet with water and not adequately rinsed with base would your experimental

value for concentration of NaOH be higher of lower than the true value? Explain


2) If you had performed all four titrations using the buret solution from question #1, would your error

be systematic or random? Explain.


3) If 0.839 g of KHP were titrated, and 45.82 mL NaOH solution were necessary to reach the equivalence

point, what is the concentration of the NaOH solution? (Make sure to report the correct number of

significant figures).


4) The most common error when preforming a titration, is when additional titrant is added past the

equivalence point. If in your experiment you had added an excess volume of NaOH, the flask turned

dark pink, how would this error affect your experimental value for concentration of NaOH?


Concentration of NaOH would be higher, lower, or unchanged. Explain

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