biology 121

i have done a presentation and the teacher gave me feedback and she asked me to add more work to to it i  provided  files i used to do my presentation and i want u to add more based on the info the teacher asked for.


i wan the information added in a new word file but in a presentation and what is the reaason of all the study that had been made? 


try to explain what the result is


foucks on TSI 



   i need 3 pages 








feedback from the teacher:


 more about Bottom-up cycle: 2-Top-down cycle. this factor how it can influence bacterial plankton >> focus more on mechanism which influencees the structure of the bacterial plankton. ** try to explain why you can see different   , number of bacteria ,why the result iss different in the lakes. ** what : the parameter , the mechanism >>influence the structure of bactria plankton. **ex: if the parameter high the number is high or low. you can add more about this example all parameter. **trophic state index : chlorophyll a , phosphor,Secchi disc explain all three element TSI for example when TSI higher the number of bacterial or biomass high **relationship between bacteria and other microbial loop. **i want you to find out the expected result from my lap work





anyone intersted please dont sent me a shake talk to me in the chatting first ?

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