answer the following questions you can find the text online

  1. The following questions are related to: David Colander’s, “Research on the Economics Profession,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 1989, 137-149 (outside reading #1):( COLANDER, D., “Research on the Economics Profession, “JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES, Fall 1989, 3: (4)137-148. )
    1. How is output measured when evaluating academic economists?
    2. In what subfield was Binghamton ranked higher than Cornell?
    3. What SUNY economist(s) made the top-25 list nationwide?
  2. How did Polachek, Kniesner, and Harwood (outside reading #2) measure performance of economics students at UNC-CH?(POLACHEK, S., KNIESNER, T. and HARWOOD, H., “Educational Production Functions: A Microeconomics Approach, “Journal of Educational Statistics (Autumn 1978) and reprinted in Rendigs Fels and John Siegfried (eds.) Research on Teaching College Economics: Selected Readings (New York: Joint Council on Economic Education) 1982, pp. 334-356. )
  3. How should I measure performance in this class?

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