05A1-08 – Analyze the Consequential and Nonconsequential Theory according to your chosen ethical dilemma

Two primary categories of ethics theory that apply in the public sector are consequentialism and nonconsequentialism. The solution for every ethical dilemma can fall into one category or the other, defined further by the subcategories that arise from the various theorists that wrote about each school of thought.

For this assignment, write a 3–4 page paper in which you analyze the consequential and nonconsequential theory bases that apply to your chosen ethical dilemma. If any do not apply, explain why. Determine what this means for the practice of public administration today and into the future. Include the text as one source, and at least five other peer-reviewed sources to support your contentions.



Thiroux and Krasemann, read Chapter 4, ” Virtue Ethics,” pages 61–76

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